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Frequently Asked Questions about Florida Roofing

How do I prevent Moss and Algae from growing on your roof?

The key to dealing with moss is being proactive. In the Pacific Southeast we are truly blessed by our clean environment (Crucial for moss growth) and beautiful large evergreen trees. And some people say it rains around here once in a while.

Unfortunately the combination of these things make for perfect fungus and moss growth conditions.

So what can you do? Depending on your circumstance, and environmental consciousness here are a few suggestions.

1. Remove any foliage or structures that might be shading an area to the point that sun rarely or never hits it.
2. Keep the roof free from decaying organic material. I.E. Leaves, Needles, Pine Cones etc. Depending on the volume, if you are like most Southeastern Homeowners a minimum of a fall cleaning and a spring cleaning is necessary.
3. Keep the Fungus off of the roof. Fungus and algae grow on everything in the Southeast as well. It is easily treated, and needs to be stayed on top of.

Do Zinc/Copper Strips work?

Short answer…. No. Zinc is a fungicide, and does kill algae which can reduce moss growth. However, you are relying on rain to wash over the strip carrying zinc oxide from the strip down the roof. Experience has shown that the effectiveness of the strip is 3-4 feet down from where the strip is installed (Typically at the peak of the roof). Experience also tells us that the strips wear out after a couple of years.

Other drawbacks are that when they are on the roof they are noticeable, and they have a tendency to break and flop around on the roof.

Copper wire is less effective based on the size of the wire typically used. However, many asphalt roofing shingles have Copper Granules embedded in them. These have proven to be effective in the prevention of Algae Staining for periods of 10-15 years. These work because they are evenly spread throughout the roof providing constant and consistent protection. For more information contact our office.

How long does it take to do a roof?

This question is largely determined by the contractor. If the roofing contractor is professional, and organized the project will be swift. (1-2 days on average)

This will be due to the contractor having highly trained crews. The contractor will assign the appropriate team for your property. They will show up when they say, and stay until the job is complete, and not leave your home partially complete to finish other jobs.

If you are in need of a roof, and want the job completed promptly contact us for your free estimate.

You can’t get quality wood shakes like you used to…can you?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY! Actually the quality of the shakes today is far superior to what could be purchased 15-20 years ago.

There are two reasons for this:

1. There is a regulatory board known as ICBO. This governing body establishes the quality standard that shakes must be manufactured to. If a mill wants to stay in business they have to comply.
2. The shakes can be pressure treated at the factory. This presses the treatment deep into the shake for long lasting protection. (Topical treatments that are applied after the roof is installed do not last long)

The shake mills in Canada harvest Old Growth Cedar that has fallen in the woods. They cut out the good wood and make shakes from it. Of course there are different grades, and if you want a quality product it will cost more. But if you want that shake look you can still get it, and get a quality roof as well!


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