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5 Reasons Why You Should Schedule a Flat Roof Repair or Replacement

Hiring an experienced commercial roofing contractor to install a flat roof on your Jacksonville building is essential to the roof's longevity and durability. Along with proper installation, … Read More

When to Schedule a Roof Replacement with Your Roofer

As a homeowner in Jacksonville, you want to prolong the life of your roof as long as possible, but a roof replacement is bound to be somewhere in your future. tend… Read More

How To Take Care Of Your Jacksonville Roof

The roof of your Jacksonville home is an important asset that needs just as much attention as, if not more than, other exterior elements of your home. Extreme weather can cause issues with your roof, but you should not wait until a storm hits before having it checked out. tend… Read More

Most Common Skylight Issues and What to Watch For

Having a skylight for your Jacksonville home is a great way to bring more natural light into the home or have a lovely view of the night sky. However, the work that goes into installing this feature into your roof has to be carried out correctly, or else you will end up with serious problems. tend… Read More

3 Tips To Keep Your Roof Prepared For The Summer Heat

With summer finally here, most of us here in the Jacksonville area know that our home’s are going to be in somewhat of a shooting gallery here for the coming months while we patiently wait for hurricane season to pass, and while hurricanes are probably the most dire threat to our homes, most homeowners tend… Read More

The Most Common Jacksonville Roofing Repair That Homeowners Should Be Aware Of

When you think about your roof, you think about the solid, sturdy structure above your head. You think about the protection and security that it provides your family and your home, and you are grateful. Since you enjoy having a roof over your head, you need to make sure that it is properly repaired and… Read More

Hiring A Jacksonville Roofing Contractor

Arguably the easiest way to evaluate the quality of a roofing contractor’s work is to look at his past jobs. When you are choosing a Jacksonville roofing contractor, many will gladly provide you with a list of references if they believe that their work speaks for itself. You should look for references that are a… Read More

How would I know if my Jacksonville roof is in trouble?

What are some of the warning signals of a Jacksonville roof in trouble? Leakage in Attic After Wind-Driven Rain Possible cause: Leaky or inadequate shingle underlayment or deteriorated flashing. Leakage in Attic After Ice Build-UpPossible cause: Inadequate shingle underlatment allows water from ice dams to leak into attic. Blistering and/or Peeling of Interior and/or Exterior… Read More

The Benefits of Hiring A Jacksonville Roofing Contractor

If you are thinking of buying an older home or have been having problems with your current roof and think it needs repairs, you may need the services of a residential roofing contractor…

Everything You Wanted To Know About Roofing

All homes are built with a few common essentials. Walls, doors, windows, and beams are a few components that are common to all, whether a small cottage or a high-rise skyscraper…

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