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How To Take Care Of Your Jacksonville Roof

How to take care of your jacksonville roof

The roof of your Jacksonville home is an important asset that needs just as much attention as, if not more than, other exterior elements of your home. Extreme weather can cause issues with your roof, but you should not wait until a storm hits before having it checked out. A yearly roof inspection will keep you on top of your roof's needs.

Florida doesn't generally get hammered with large hail and never gets heavy snows, but it does get plenty of summer storms (and let's not forget hurricanes). The Sunshine State is one of the warmest of all 50 states, but the heat combined with Florida's humidity can take a toll on your roof. Heavy winds and pummeling rains can severely damage your roof and can even cause sections to be torn off. After a bad storm, call a roofing contractor in Jacksonville to come and check for damage. Here are some other potential issues a regular roof inspection can find:

  • Rain combined with humidity is an invitation for mold to set up shop and cause roof damage and make allergies flare up. Regular roof inspections will let you know if you have water damage and mold growing, so you can get it taken care of immediately.
  • Pest control can be a problem in warmer climates. Termites, rats, birds, bats, and squirrels are tiny trespassers that take up residence inside your roof, but keeping track with your scheduled roof inspections can make you aware of any entry holes those little buggers might use to move in and cause havoc to your roof.
  • Let's not forget what the Sunshine State is known for: sunshine. The sun can and will cause damage to your roof. Keeping up with your roof inspections from a licensed roofing contractor will keep you abreast of any cracks or sun damaged shingles.

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